Private Home Training on the go!

Start achieving your goals by starting with your Private Initial Fitness Assessment with Sam Maniatis today!

Private Initial Consultation Includes:

  • Fitness and health assessment basic-standard, silver or gold
  • Movement assessment to identify weak links and faulty movements
  • Healthy Goal Setting
  • Sample training session using our THT® system
  • Injury prevention protocol
  • Question and answer
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Benefits of a personal trainer

Personal Trainer

  • Weight loss, get the most of your training with minimal time using our THT® combination training system
  • Cramped for time we offer 30 and 45 minute programs.
  • Small group training 2, 3, 4, people.
  • We provide advanced training for beginners to get results quickly.
  • If you don’t like to exercise we have programs that are short and effective using cutting edge training that eliminates all exercises that are useless, long cardio sessions, machine training, rest periods etc.

Along with your goals our trainer’s goals include:

  • Personal Fitness Injury Prevention
  • Proper Form and Technique
  • Core First Training
  • Body Alignment at all Times
  • Breaking Your Exercise Barriers
  • Professional, friendly service to put you at ease
  • No equipment necessary!

No matter what your schedule is! THT® can personalize your fitness workout to meet your schedule. Anytime, Anywhere NO Equipment Necessary! With flexible scheduling and mobile personal trainers, we will get you on track to getting the body you have always wanted! For more information please contact us.