• Alexa


Personal Trainer


  • Get in shape
  • Gymnastics

Education- Dawson College 

Personal Training Certification: 

CPR Certified

Growing up, I have always been very passionate about sports. As a child, I did skating, swimming, played soccer and was a competitive gymnast. By high school, my focus interest was volleyball and finally in cegep, I was fortunate enough to play on the Dawson College volleyball team. Now, my focus has shifted to personal training. I have always trained a lot to keep up with my lifestyle and I hope to share my knowledge with others as well.

Training has allowed me to not only feel good physically, but also mentally. I want to help people who simply need little push to get started, to those that want to live a healthier lifestyle. My hopes are to help as many people as possible attain their goals and feel happier.



Petr Volek



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