• Cody


Specializations :

  • Overall Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Sports specialized training

Personal Training Certificates:

  • Canfitpro

I grew up in a family where fitness was very important. My father, being a physical education teacher, and mother, Aerobics instructor, allowed me to learn a lot of tricks of the trade from a young age. I am a firm believer that a balanced lifestyle which includes adequate sleep, nutrition and exercise can make a world of difference in how you feel inside and out. As someone who lives with anxiety, I understand the importance of taking care of
your physical health so you can help your mental health. I also have an extensive sports background having played high level hockey as well as lacrosse, which I competed at the national level for team Nova-Scotia. I still play hockey and like to train sports specific exercises because it can make a huge difference in your game at all levels. I find that the better you are, the more fun you have playing. Plyometrics, strength and conditioning and even recovery and mobility are all crucial if you want to take your game to the next level. I love to help others through fitness. Whether your goal is to lose some body fat, build muscle, sports-specific training or you just want
to overall improve your ability to perform activities of daily life, then I’m excited to help you become a stronger you. Together we can make fitness fun! Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. I understand that each and every one of my clients is different and must be treated as such. I enjoy tailoring each fitness program to your specific needs. This is my passion and I truly have fun anytime I’m talking fitness. Even better than that, is seeing people get stronger, more confident, and happier while working with me.


CPR Certified:


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