• Jean François
Jean François

Jean François

Personal trainer


  • Overall General Fitness Men & Women
  • Body Building
  • Outdoor Activities Group or Private Hiking


  • Commission des Praticiens en Médicine douce du Québec

Personal Training Certificates:

  • YMCA Canada

Online Personal Training Certificate:

  • Certified Online Coaching Specialist

CPR Certified

Naturopath Certified

Jean François



I have been interested in fitness and healthy life habits for as long as I can remember. I have specialized in training that requires little to no equipment: body weight, elastics, Swiss ball, TRX. There is always a way to work every muscle effectively without equipment. Motivation being an everyday challenge, I have also completed several self-improvement courses to help me understand motivation and keep it elevated to allow long term training. Having touched on everything from muscle gain to weight loss to marathon preparation and simply making everyday life easier and better, I will be able to help you attain your goals.

Jean François


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