• Louis


Personal Trainer


  • Overall General Fitness Men & Women
  • High Intensity Training
  • Body Building

Personal Training Certificates:

  • Canadian Fitness Professionals

Online Personal Training Certificate:

  • Certified Online Coaching Specialist

CPR Certified

He has been actively involved and working in the fitness industry for over a decade and is an integral part of the THT® team. He has trained clients varying in age, physical limitations, goals, and experience, and prides himself as being a very results-driven trainer.To say that he is passionate about health and physical fitness is a vast understatement. He has been committed to his own personal physical fitness, training an average of five times a week for the better part of his adult life and his impressive physique alone is proof of his dedication to the lifestyle.His philosophy includes a multi-dimensional approach to physical fitness, integrating a consistent exercise program with an emphasis on the importance of the mind-body connection, as well as conscientious nutritional choices.He works closely with his clients to design safe and effective exercise programs tailored to their specific goals and needs, with an emphasis on proper technique coaching to ensure his THT® clients safely reach their objectives.

He specializes in weight loss, and on improving one’s cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and endurance, by providing body sculpting, strength training, and muscle building programs, in order to help his THT® clients achieve their optimal physique. He is a highly sought after THT® trainer with a solid track record in maintaining the loyalty of his THT® clientele and in the successful attainment of their goals.
His professionalism is beyond reproach and his passion for fitness contagious. He strives to continue to grow as a THT® trainer, continually expanding his knowledge base so that he can offer the best possible experience to his THT® clients and guide them in their journey in the improvement of the quality of their lives.


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