• Manuel


Personal Trainer


  • Weight loss
  • Fitness Training
  • Working with Seniors and Beginners

Personal Training Certificates:

  • YMCA Canada

Virtual Training Certificates:

  • Specialist in online coaching

CPR Certified

I have been passionate about strength training since I’m 21 years old. I live an active lifestyle and as far as I’m concerned, physical and emotional well-being are dependent on exercise and good nutrition. I have had many wonderful and life-changing experiences as a gym user. Now, as a trainer, I would like to help you reach your goals through fitness programs tailored to your objectives whether they be weight loss, hypertrophy or getting back into shape after an injury. I will fully commit myself to helping you reach your goals and so should you. We will work as a team with the drive that will take us to the best results and achieving our goal.

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