• Maricel Trainer
Maricel Trainer


Personal Trainer


  • Weight loss
  • Overall Fitness Training
  • Group classes

Personal Training Certificates:

  • Association Quintarroense de Fisicoconstivismo Fitness
  • European Sports Health Institute

Online Personal Training Certificate:

  • Certified Online Coaching Specialist

CPR Certified

Specialty: Overall Fitness, Weight loss

I am originally from Mexico City where I studied in one of the best Universities thanks to my scholarship. I spent the last 20 years in the beautiful Caribbean at a wonderful beach town called Puerto Morelos at Rivera Maya Mexico. As a kid I did classical ballet and as a teenager I studied professional jazz as a hobby. At 18 years old I started to train weights at the university’s gym. My life changed forever. That became my passion and a lifestyle. I worked for a huge resort selling vacation ownership to foreigners. After my second baby was born and he was just 6 months old I had the amazing opportunity to buy a gym 5 min from the beach where I started my career as I studied to become a trainer and take care of my business and clients. The gym became my passion and my whole life.

My husband and I created a community and a family of that business for our customers from all ages. I love to help people achieve their goals and see how their whole life changes when they start to take care of themselves doing exercise and eating well, looking better and overall feeling better. Feeling better is one of the big reasons people continue working out for a lifetime physically and mentally. I also saw how my clients left the gym feeling happier, satisfied, and with a mental attitude that everything is ok now. While working out half of your problems are gone. Looking good, fit and beautiful is the natural consequence of this whole process. My job is to teach, motivate and inspire my clients to be the best they can be.



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