• Nawal


Office Assistant

“I am currently a student in electronic technologies. Fitness and well-being have always been a priority for me, which allows me to excel in my studies and relieve stress daily. Since I started working at Total Home Training, the concern to take care of my physical health has increased because I have understood how crucial it is to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle with the help of competent people like my colleagues at THT. In various professional experiences, I have been able to develop my ability to work independently, my sense of leadership and my analytical mind.  These professional skills allow me to assume my role within the company. My responsibility is to manage payroll, human resources activities and accounting tasks.

Our success at Total Home Training is based on our great teamwork. We all share the same values and our target is to help our clients achieve their physical health goals. I am proud to be a member of THT and to be able to contribute to its success. “

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