Powerlifting Weightlifting

I did sport all my life. I started with dancing for 10 years, then soccer for 11 years, before switching to running and some Ultimate Frisbee here and there. I started weight training in 2011 and my goal has always been to get stronger. I loved the confidence and mental strength that come with strength training and I still do. My journey took a turn, when I joined a Crossfit gym, in 2012. I immediately feel in love with the high intensity workouts and weightlifting technique. Since 2015, my passion for my sport allowed me to coach it. But my own training gradually evolved to powerlifting: my powerhouse and main passion. Strength training is a never-ending journey, that keeps me wanting more. Hence, communicating my passion for fitness and making it less intimidating to all levels of client is something that motivates me to keep learning and evolving. I am always striving to be a better version of myself.