Personal Trainer


Strength and Endurance training, Weight loss

My passion and strength is devoted towards helping people live a better life, plain and simple, whether it’s for health or academic reasons. Personally in my case, after going through my own experiences with obesity and low self-esteem during adolescence, I remember using food as my support system and as a way of coping or escaping from reality, but the truth was no matter how much I ate I knew that I was never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that I was either going to look and feel the same or if not worse!! With that being said, after being obese for many years I knew that something had to change and one day during the beginning of summer, I had decided to train in the gym with a trainer and in three months time I had lost around an astonishing 45-50lbs! Through hard work, determination and of course better nutrition, my life has forever changed throughout this experience and I am forever grateful for it. That is why I sincerely decided to become a certified personal trainer myself. Using the Iron Paradise or as most people call it the gym as their therapy, I seek to help those who want to change the way I once did and inspire them to continue doing great things along the way!