Personal Trainer


Running, Older Adult Training, Overall Fitness

PERSONAL TRAINING – CORRECTIVE CONDITIONING During all of Nancy’s adult life she has been passionate and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. Nancy has a strong desire to help people and feels a great sense of accomplishment when she shares her passion about having a healthy lifestyle with family, friends and customers. Remaining active and having healthy eating habits is at the center of her day to day. She enjoys keeping up to date by reading books on nutrition and performing research on training and exercise. This knowledge she happily shares. Nancy started running at the age of 18 and was one of the few female runners at her university. Since the age of 8 she enjoys down hill skiing. At the age of 56 she is still very enthusiastic towards running distances from 5km to 21.1km (half marathon) and has recently started trail running in the Eastern Township mountains. Nancy understands the impact of aging on the body and is always passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people achieve their objectives.