Personal Trainer


Strength and Endurance training, Weight loss

My passion for sports and training developed when I was a teenager. In school, I was in the tennis sports program where I learned rigour and perseverance. I began weight training and cardio training over 10 years ago. I participated in several types of endurance races as well as fitness competitions. I hold a personal training certificate from the YMCA and continue learning. I am always striving to further my knowledge and hone my training skills. For me, proper posture is primordial along with good form, the right exercises, customization and an awareness of your needs in order to optimize your efforts. I commit to putting my knowledge, passion and devotion at your service. I will do everything I can to see that you reach and even exceed your health and fitness goals. I will help you get through whatever obstacles get in the way of your goals.  With good cheer and fun, I will make sure you get the most out of each session while respecting your own pace.