Personal Trainer


Muscle Toning, Weight loss, HIIT Circuit

I discovered strength training at the end of my adolescence. I was 28lbs heavier than today and I had resolved to take my health into my own hands. I had to tackle a fitness regime that included balanced eating and high intensity workouts. It was hard, but I pushed through knowing the results would be worth it. This experience unleashed my passion for fitness. A few years later, I wanted to push my limits further and I joined a sprint team where I developed perseverance, patience and the tools needed to make training safe. I was then able to share my knowledge in athletic performance and nutrition for muscle gains with other athletes on my team. I hold a Canfitpro Certificate as a Personal Training Specialist that allows me to adapt my knowledge to the needs of my clients. In my opinion, the trainer-client relationship is very important. For that reason, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in business administration so that I can be better able to communicate and hone in on the client’s objectives. Today, I an say that thanks to my experience as an athlete, I can help my clients obtain results in a very efficient and safe manner. Also, my knowledge of customer relations allows me to be very much in tune with the client’s needs.