Why do a fitness assessment and why is it important ?

A fitness assessment is like your yearly physical. It is important to know what is your fitness health today, what are your weaknesses, your imbalances, and your strengths. It is critical to do before starting or returning to any fitness activity. It is also important that it is done by a certified expert in the field of personal training. Other degrees are a complement but they must be certified in not just what the muscles are but how they work, how to improve them and train them without injuring yourself. The number one reasons people stop training is they get hurt or don’t get results. You need to have a clear understanding of where you are today and exactly what you need to do to improve in order for you to accomplish your fitness success plan.

What is a THT fitness assessment ?

It is a time to test critical aspects of your fitness health. It should be done by a certified experienced expert in the field of personal training. The tests should consist of cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, flexibility, fat%, muscle mass%, visceral fat%, hydration%, bone density%, as well as some critical body measurements. These bench marks are important to understand your health and where you are exactly. Your certified experienced THT personal trainer can than determine what the next steps are and how you can achieve your fitness and health success plan.

What is a certified personal trainer expert ? It is a personal trainer that has made fitness his career and is certified yearly or every second year in his field by a recognized national accredited certification body like YMCA Canada, NSCA , among others. They must have experience training many clients like yourself not just friends or themselves. They must have proof through testimonials of these accomplishments. Other degrees are a compliment but most important is that they are certified in their field and as well insured. Safety first as you only have one body and we must take care of it.

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