Corporate Fitness Trainer

From early on, researchers such as Roy J. Shepard showed that work site exercise programs had a tremendous value for the employee and employer. Benefits include:

  • Improvement of corporate image
  • Gains of productivity
  • Goal setting
  • Reduced absenteeism and medical costs
  • An improved employee lifestyle
  • Stress reduction
  • Team building group training

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Corporate Fitness Training

Employee Fitness Benefits

Health and performance statistics show these benefits to be true over and over again for companies that embark on such a program. Healthy, fit and motivated employees reduce their overall stress level. They will be more present at work, be more efficient and yield higher returns on investment. As a result, the whole corporation will prosper and grow. Companies are becoming more and more concerned with stress levels among employees. This is why they are taking their fitness levels more seriously.

Workers who are fit are less stressed, more alert throughout the whole day, make less errors and make better decisions. A study at NASA suggests that productivity of a non-exercising office decreased by 50% during the final 2 hours of the work day, while the workers who exercised worked at full capacity all day. Companies such as Dupont have reduced their absenteeism by 14-19% through a workplace fitness program while General Mills reports an astounding 45% decrease. (Wellness Programs, Stephanie Sullivan)

Becoming proactive in your own, as well as your employees’ health, makes good business sense. Promoting corporate fitness and wellness programs can have a substantial impact on productivity, profitability and provide a more positive work environment.