Here is my honest testimony: Through THT, I found Petr Volek. I could also say that Petr found me. He was my first contact for my evaluation, and he asked if I wanted him as my trainer. Honestly, my first thought was: "What can a 60-ish y-old guy bring to my routine?" but his personality sold me, and I told myself that this was probably the change that I need. As it happens, he brought a hell of a lot! His experience and his energy is amazing. Petr kicks my butt when I need it. Petr never makes me feel dumb when I have questions or simply when my body and mind coordination are out-of-whack! He showed me a new way of training! Never monotone, always changing! He's attentive and he cares. When I want to change an appointment, the way he asks: "Why?" just proves that I have to have accountability to someone with the decisions I take with my health. After 3 months with him, my body has changed! I already have average good eating habits, but I am looking into getting tone and not losing weight. Petr understands that. No jugement. Petr is present with you, and he listens. If THT has trainers that have all the same qualities enumerated in this text for Petr, THT is a good institution! Yes, it can be pricey, but can you put a price on good mental and physical health? No. Thank you Petr!

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Sahnna Frechette

I have been training with Petr for a few weeks now he is absolutely the best trainer I've ever worked with. He is professional, funny, kind and excellent at what he does. I was in a low place mentally. I'm from the UK and was on lock down on my own in Montreal. I'd gained weight and needed help to get back on track. Petr saved me! he is superb and i can't recommend im enough- Thank you Petr 🙂

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Woo hoo... officially 10 lbs down and inches lost. Been slow like it needed to be and now slowly reaping the benefits of my workouts. Thank you Mona Long for working with me.

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Sara Rina Joseph

The virtual training is adapted for me which is great, enjoying the session, prefer in-person but it is a great alternative considering the current situation

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Kimberly Harrison

Wonderful experience, everything is great, enjoying the training a lot

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I am really enjoying my virtual training sessions. My trainer is excellent at communicating how to execute the exercises correctly, at observing my form and knows my limitations. I am motivated, can feel my progress and look forward to each session and every session.

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The experience is great, getting great results, everything is perfect so far

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My husband and I started training twice a week with Gary last September. Both of us were not very active and it was also the first time that we had a trainer. Thankfully, we were put at ease from day 1 and the exercises designed by Gary were well within our capabilities. Since then, he has gradually increased the intensity and difficulty of our routines as we gained strength and confidence. When we expressed concern about certain exercises, Gary provided alternatives that were better suited for us. We think that we have both gained muscular strength and feel more energetic since our exercise sessions. We also appreciate Gary’s punctuality; our sessions are at 6.30 am and he has always been on time and never missed a session. Since the pandemic, we have continued our sessions on WhatsApp and we were pleased that these online sessions were equally effective.

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Joyce Ahseng

Certainly. I have been a client of THT for approximately five years. I train twice a week with my trainer Mona long. I have Parkinson's disease and it is important to keep moving and building and maintaining strength. Since covid 19 I have been tele training with Mona and she keeps me motivated! I need that support and really look forward to our sessions.

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Eleanor Jones

Virtual training has really helped during the pandemic. It provides some much-needed human interaction, as well as keeping me in shape. I've actually added an additional workout per week.

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Victor Eiser

I have been a client of THT Saint Lambert for a couple of years now and have been very satisfied with their services. Obviously, the closure of the Gym also put my exercise schedule on hold, until I was approached for a trial of a virtual training session. A bit apprehensive in the beginning, I quickly started to realize that training at home with a good trainer is as effective as training in the gym, despite the lack of equipment. I have been training now for the past seven weeks with Ines Rivas and I have been really enjoying it. The sessions are very well balanced between cardio, strength and flexibility and I have noticed a considerable improvement in my overall physical condition. Ines has been quite inventive in making sure that there is a lot of diversity in the exercise program. There is always something new or different and it definitely keeps me motivated. I highly recommend anyone to consider this new way of training. I also highly recommend Ines Rivas as a great personal trainer.

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Willem Hanskamp

The virtual workout is great, I am getting the exact result that I want to stay active and healthy, enjoying it a lot.

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Christopher Harmer
Thanks again for the course, you were fabulous!

Hi Sam, Thanks again for the course, you were fabulous!

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Diana Destounis THT® | Client
Great presenter and speaker. Thorough information.

Great presenter and speaker. Thorough information. Great knowledge of the body's mechanics. Useful and applicable training for the busy client.

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Anonymous THT® | Client
I'm really enjoying the course, there's a lot I didn't know...

Hi Sam, I just want to say I’m really enjoying the course, there’s a lot I didn’t know, and things I did know but never knew how to explain them. Best regards,

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Jason Braton
Because of you, I am now a personal trainer in Australia

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for teaching me so much about training in the past couple of years. Because of you, I am now a personal trainer in Australia and I am starting to build up a very good reputation since everyone loves my work: especially in power training.Hope to hear from you soon.

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Isabelle Provencher
I learned a lot during the last two weekends…

Hello Christine, Please thank Sam on my behalf. I learned a lot during the last two weekends at the Personal Trainer Course, and look forward to further learning in future courses that I will take with your company. Thanks again for 2 terrific and enlightening weekends.

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Rose Khoury THT® | Client
I will not hesitate to ask him for his services again.

I have hired Sam Maniatis as a speaker to offer lectures at FITForces conferences that were dedicated to fitness professionals. I can assure you that he is an expert in the field of fitness and personal training and is professional and reliable. I will not hesitate to ask him for his services again. Rana Sioufi

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Rana Sioufi THT® | Client
I thoroughly enjoyed the THT workshop. thank you!

Hi guys, I hope all is going well and i wanted to say that i thoroughly enjoyed the THT workshop. thank you!

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Lisa Chretien THT® | Client
I just wanted to thank you once again for being such a great instructor...

Hi Sam! I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to thank you once again for being such a great instructor, your teaching method is to be applauded (not to mention your patience!) You have inspired me to reach for yet another goal – to become a home trainer. I love the idea and I will be signing up for your home training course in April. I have also discovered that at my age I have to be realistic about how long I can actually work as a personal fitness trainer… once again you made me realize that I CAN stay in the fitness industry for many years to come because I can then go to the next level which would be to teach others how to become personal fitness trainers. Thanks again for your inspiration! 🙂

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Heidi Adler THT® | Client
This has been such an enriching process

Christine Thank you so much…… this has been such an enriching process and I am very excited about the future possibilities opening up before me.

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Mike Hopper
Each segment was beneficial, and all the presentations were top notch!

Hi Sam! I just wanted to let you know that as ALWAYS, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s workshop and lectures and came away totally re-energized. Each segment was beneficial, and all the presentations were top notch! I can’t wait to implement all the stuff I learned yesterday. Keep up the good work! Regards

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Yaffa Gruia THT® | Client
I wanted to thank you both for a highly enjoyable course

Hello Sam and Christine, I wanted to thank you both for a highly enjoyable course that taught me a lot in a very short period of time! I look forward to learning even more from you! Thank you again for an enjoyable and educational course and I look forward to seeing you both again soon! Sincerely,

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Maria Lalous
She is outstanding

This morning Nadio and I experienced an outstanding exercise session with My THT® trainer. I want you to know that her coaching was greatly appreciated. She is outstanding.

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Claire and Nadio THT® | Client
I am an elderly person who has undergone a total knee and hip replacement.

I Would Like To Commend My THT® trainer On Her Amazing Training Skills. My THT® trainer is my personal trainer. I am an elderly person who has undergone a total Knee and Hip replacement. I am trying to gain back my muscle strength in order to resume my daily activities. My THT® trainer is very supportive encouraging and inspiring. She is constantly on the lookout to help me reach my goals. After a few training lessons, I already feel, that there have been improvements, which makes me feel great. Thank you My THT® trainer.

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Elfriede Brossard
I am very satisfied with the package.

I would just like to mention that since I have started training with THT I am very satisfied with the package. I would recommend Louis Maniatis to anyone who is looking to improve their physical well-being and step up there motivation. Sincerely, Mary Mullin.

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Mary Ellen Mullin
In just over 2 weeks I have lost 8.2 inches...

In just over 2 weeks I have lost 8.2 inches…. Thank you, THT, the regular exercise with very qualified trainers and the healthy diet of Maigrir a la carte has all contributed….. Coupled with my determination……. This all culminates to SUCCESS….. Thank You!! I will continue and work even harder!! Judy Silva

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Judy Silva THT® | Client
I would recommend this company to anyone who wants results.

After my Total Knee Replacement, I needed to continue my physiotherapy. The CLSC program from the hospital was only 5 weeks. I heard the advertisement on the radio for THT. I immediately called and left a message. I was called back that very day and was so impressed with the interest and desire to fill my needs with my rehabilitation. Sam did the introduction class with me and knew just how to tailor my needs and his expertise in making a good fulfilling program for me. He matched me up with Tessa, an excellent fun loving trainer. My progress within the 20 weeks was outstanding.. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants results. They treated me with respect, were on time with appointments > Just an overall 100% great experience. Thanks so much .. Sam, Christine and Tessa xo Emily Wetmore.

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Emily Wetmore – 48 year old Registered Operating Room Nurse THT® | Client
Marc was always on the ball and his unwavering support and commitment to his clients gave me the confidence I was lacking

I just had to write a comment about what a great experience it has been training with such a professional like Marc and THT. I had been wanting for a very long time to adopt a healthier lifestyle and with two unused gym memberships under my belt and a clothes-hanger/elliptical machine at home I was feeling pretty defeated. I took what little courage I had left and as much will power I could muster to call THT and get a trainer. I am so thankful of Christine’s quick and friendly response to my call, Sam’s well informed and thorough assessment which conveyed a genuine desire to help, and ultimately to Marc’s knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm throughout our training sessions. Marc was always on the ball and his unwavering support and commitment to his clients gave me the confidence I was lacking and enabled me to finally achieve my goal. Thanks!!!

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Laura F.
We wanted to thank you for inspiring us and educating us

We’re out celebrating our graduation and planning our future endeavours. On that note we wanted to thank you for inspiring us and educating us, we enjoyed every little bit of it…thank you!

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Sofia Tzortzis, Effie Koufalis, & Chantal Manoukian THT® | Client
It is a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Sam Maniatis.

It is a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Sam Maniatis. I have been a client of Mr. Maniatis since November 2007 and also have the opportunity to observe his interactions with some of his clients. He demonstrates excellent assessment skills and adjusts his coaching to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. He is caring, supportive and always positive in his coaching. Sam is self-directed learner, expressing interest in current research and development in his field and frequently attends conferences and workshops in order to improve his knowledge and skills. He is liked and respected by his colleagues as well as his clients. Consequently, I have no reservations in submitting this reference. If I can be of further assistance, please fell free to contact me. Sincerely,

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M. B. THT® | Client
Thank you again!

Thank you again and would like to comment that Marie-Anne is very personable and great at what she does. Have an excellent day.

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Angie P. THT® | Client
I would like to commend Stéphanie on her amazing training skills

Once again I would like to commend Stéphanie on her amazing training skills and professionalism. I feel very lucky to have her as my trainer. THT offers a great service and your staff at the St-Lambert gym have always been great whenever I have been there. Caroline

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Caroline H THT® | Client
My fitness instructor Marie-Anne is a Godsend

I moved to Montreal in March of this year (2013) from Ireland and was used to my home fitness regime back home. I put on a lot if weight due to the stress of moving and being out of my comfort zone. I felt really down and needed a boost.

I found THT online from a google search and called up Christine who sent Sam out to assess my fitness. He started me on training sessions in the comfort of my own home and I haven’t looked back since! My weight loss has been dramatic, I’m fitting into my old clothes again and I feel amazing and toned.

My fitness instructed Marie-Anne is a godsend, I am going to miss her greatly! Thanks, guys, you’ve been amazing! 🙂 I’ll be in touch in the new year 🙂

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Emma Bozzard

My THT® trainer is one of the best I ever had! Believe this statement, since I am way past 80 years and trained with many trainers in many countries. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, conscientious and works very hard. Thank you for THT to provide me with such a person.

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Tom Halasz

Thank you My THT® trainer for your constant care and motivation. Thanks for always keeping it fun and changing it up!! Training is never boring and never feels like routine! You have the unique ability to take it to the next level. Your love of fitness and wellness is contagious! You’re simply the best!

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Nancy Sousa THT® | Client
Perfect service, follow-ups and trainer Alex!

I have been training for 20 years. At first, I was skeptical of training at home afraid it would not attain my goals. Was I wrong, Alex is an amazing trainer that challenges me every session. The time I save from training at home is fantastic, I say go for it!! Well worth it!

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Josie THT® | Client
Thanks to THT

My THT® trainer is amazing! I now like to train again. Thanks

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Anastasia THT® | Client
Thanks, Louis for whipping us into shape.

Thanks, Louis for whipping us into shape. We started with THT in April 2013, and honestly haven’t felt better. Your individualized exercise routines and your combination of being both tough and warm are a perfect combination. We look forward to our workouts 3x a week and highly recommend you to anyone.

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Audrey & Domenico THT® | Client
Stephanie Knafo is an AWESOME trainer!!!

I have worked out with a number of personal trainers for 10 years now. Never have I met such a motivating and inspiring trainer such as Stephanie Knafo. She is a genius when it comes to preparing workouts that combine the perfect balance between cardio and muscle toning for me. Thank you, Steph!

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Isabelle THT® | Client
My THT® trainer is definitely the best among the best.

Conscientious, professional, always searching (yes, she does make this extra effort, just for you) for THE various exercises that will alleviate your muscle problems or help you become better in whichever sports you are practicing. My THT® trainer, I hope you will continue to enjoy helping your THT clients and also devoting yourself to others, including those in our society who lack financial or emotional capabilities. Bravo!

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Monique Legault THT® | Client
Thanks, Louis for whipping us into shape.

Thanks, Louis for whipping us into shape. We started with THT in April 2013, and honestly haven’t felt better. Your individualized exercise routines and your combination of being both tough and warm are a perfect combination. We look forward to our workouts 3x a week and highly recommend you to anyone.

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Audrey & Domenico THT® | Client
Louis has been my THT® personal trainer for 4 years now

Louis has been my THT® personal trainer for 4 years now. He is

  • reliable
  • punctual
  • conscientious
  • professional
  • warm and friendly

Since starting, I have lost 25 pounds, AND have kept them off.

Louis makes each session challenging and fun, always varying the workouts so they are never boring.

Louis is very knowledgeable about the body and its potential. I have never had a body injury, yet Louis is able to push me to the limit, with every session.

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Danny Bilek THT® | Client
My experience with THT

For 2 years I had treatments from physiotherapists, acupuncture, water walking, physiatrist, spinal injection of cortisone and finally a long spell with a chiropractor. All this to ease the pain in my leg from the sciatic nerve and disc problems. I thought I had covered all the avenues that might help me until I heard of home trainers. The internet found you and now I am so much better from the training given by Margaret Britton. She is jolly, inventive and effectual. I no longer require a walker and can walk longer distances without pain. This has been my experience with THT. Thank you

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Doreen Turner THT® | Client
We love Louis

Louis is great and a wonderful motivator for us. He makes us work hard and pushes us hard which we deserve…

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Michael Dere is an exceptional trainer

Many thanks to THT for a life-changing experience. My extended thanks go out to my trainer, Michael Dere, who has taken me to a healthy lifestyle I never thought imaginable. With Michael’s expert fitness techniques, I have achieved weight loss, a transformed body and a ton of energy. His skilled fitness routines were awesome and it was a pleasure to work with him. His professional and caring “keep it up” attitude made it so enjoyable. Great job!

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Lori THT® | Client
Thumb up to My THT® trainer

I have been training with My THT® trainer for a few months now. I continue to be impressed by her passion and enthusiasm towards fitness and her genuine caring for her clients. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she is always willing to adapt the program to accommodate individual strengths and weaknesses. While I still can’t say I enjoy working out, I definitely miss it the days I don’t have it.

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Neridah THT® | Client
Louis is an Amazing Trainer

I have been training with Louis for several months and I have never felt better. He motivates me and pushes me to work hard. He is always changing the exercise routines which makes working out an enjoyable experience and never boring. He is professional, punctual, and friendly. Thank you Louis for motivating me and setting achievable goals to a healthy lifestyle.

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Sandy THT® | Client
FREE Birthday training session from THT® TEAM

Thank you very much, Margaret. That’s very kind of you and THT. And I think you guys have a big part in the success of my mother’s physical condition improvement. Since she felt in February 2014, her physical condition is way better, she is able to follow us in almost all of our activities. She had wonderful Christmas hollidays; we went to see Nutcraker, we spent the Christmas day at a friend’s house and we went to Quebec city to visit an old friend of hers for new Year's eve.

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Jacques THT® | Client
I highly recommend these people!

Very professional and knowledgeable team of trainers. My trainer Genevieve is amazing and makes the workout fun yet you feel it the next day:))) These are the people to use if you really want to get in shape!

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Bianca and Vanessa (current clients)
Mona is a great trainer

Mona has been my trainer for several months and I couldn’t be happier. The routines change each week, and I look forward to each session (I used to hate exercising ). She always keeps in touch and offers the scheduling flexibility that I need because of my busy lifestyle.

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Victor THT® | Client
Thank you, Nikos

After many years of not going to the gym for fear of getting hurt, I decided at nearly 60 yrs young it was time to think about my well-being and physical condition. Sam was honest but never making me feel like it would be impossible to get back into shape. Then comes Nikos, my personal trainer. Well, talk about making me do things I never thought I could. After each session, I feel like a new person. It is only the beginning, but I see myself improving my posture and pushing myself into doing more than I did before. A big thank you!!!

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Josie Tobia THT® | Client

Hello Sam,

Just letting you know that we have enjoyed our sessions and are very happy with our THT training and results. We are more energetic, and in better shape, which is what we wanted. Mostly, this has motivated us to keep up our physical activities and has changed our lifestyle. We owe many thanks to Patrick our THT trainer, he has kept us moving and is very inspiring, he knows when to push us and when to re-assess. He has kept us motivated and in our routine, we had never had a personal trainer before, but he has done a great job, our hats off to him.

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Teresa and John THT® | Client
Great training! Thank you, Louis.

After doing five training sessions with you, I am more than excited to say that my abs are coming back! Thank you, Louis. You are a great train who is able to incorporates martial arts in day-to-day workouts effectively. Moreover, you also gave me a bunch of tips for me to attain my goal. Despite my laziness sometimes, you always encouraged me to go to workout out constantly and regularly. Looking forward to doing more training with you!

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Lu Huang THT® | Client
MIlles mercis à THT et mon entraîneur perso Michael Dere

Votre approche personnalisēe fait toute la différence! Michael sait être à l’écoute de ce qui doit être fait et adapte le programme à chaque séance. IL n’y a pas de routine et c’est la FORCE de son approche. Dynamique et énergisant, j’arrive à me dépasser et progresser. Mille mercis à Michael D et l’équipe THT. Vous faites une différence dans ma mise en forme.

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Lynne THT® | Client
Many thanks to Kyle Copeland

Kyle has been my trainer for several weeks now and already I can see a difference in my core strength. I also have just a much better feeling of well being. I am a senior and want to keep healthy.

He makes me feel I can accomplish all my goals and encourages me all along the way.

Thanks, Kyle

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Wendy Walker THT® | Client

After three children and a crazy work schedule, the pounds just accumulated! I joined THT at the end of May, and I have been training with Nick Psillis for over two months. My main goal was to get healthy, more energetic and of course get back to my good old size! Nick is fantastic, always smiling, and patient and making sure I give it my best. Thanks to his constant support and fitness routines, I have lost over 15 pounds and found a great way to reduce my stress level. Thank you.

Thank you Nick!

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Karine THT® | Client
Even those with a disability can train!

Despite having certain physical limitations, I have learned that I too can train and stay strong. My trainer Nikos G. is always mindful of what I should and shouldn’t do with my total knee replacement and chooses appropriate alternatives when necessary so that I don’t get injured. A disability is not an excuse, it’s simply a fact of someone’s life. Everyone can get back into shape and be healthier. Thank you, Nikos and much future success to you and THT!

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Andrea Cleary THT® | Client
My Summer Training!

Shout out to both Michael and Nikos for being my summer trainers. Both gentlemen proved to be experienced, versatile and great motivators. They follow up on their programs, ask how you are feeling and will kick you into gear! They adapt the exercise to you and really emphasize proper technique. Total Home Training has been a true personable company right from the first telephone call I had with Christine. No matter what your level of fitness is, THT will give you the attention and encouragement to get it done and feel great! Thank you!

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Silvia (first time ‘Trainee’)
Wonderful experience with Nick

I have been training with Nick since mid-August and it has been a fabulous experience. Nick is dedicated to making the work-out challenging, interesting, dynamic and most of all fun. He is encouraging, supportive and makes you want to get up before the sun to work out! The sessions are never the same and that keeps it interesting, Nick always has something new to throw at you (it was once literally a 20lb ball that he threw at me!) and that keeps me interested and focused. I feel better, I have more energy and I am starting to see results and others are too! Great job Nick! Recommend!

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Erin- trainee THT® | Client
Mona the Miracle Worker

Mona has been training me now for 9 sessions now. I do not like exercise at all but she has been very motivational in her approach and I find myself looking forward to her visits. I am finding great improvement in my mobility issues and would highly recommend Mona as a trainer for people who have injuries to deal with. Thanks to THT for ongoing support.

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Mary H THT® | Client
Excellent Trainers!

I have been with THT for a few years and have enjoyed working out with all the trainers I have worked with! I love the convenience and personalized workouts!

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Sabrina THT® | Client
St-Lambert Classes with Michael

I met Michael this winter when attending a class he was giving for the city of St-Lambert. I automatically loved his energy, smile and dynamism. His exercices were exactly what I needed, a good level of difficulty with a nice balance of cardio and weights. I found out he was also giving classes early in the morning with THT. I decided to register twice a week. I REALLY love his classes and know that I work hard without any risks of injury. Michael is bubbly like a glass of champagne! His classes are a great way to start my day. Keep up the good work Michael!

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Joanne THT® | Client
Help to achieve my Dream

For many years I’ve dreamt of being able to run a trail marathon. I wanted to succeed before I turned 50 but I wasn’t really sure how to do it or how to remain injury-free. With Margaret’s professional expertise, experience as a runner and her guidance I’m finally on that path of getting back into shape and being ready to run my first trail run in a couple of weeks. The variation in types of exercises, in equipment and her lead to take me outside and onto the Mont-Royal trails has been so enjoyable and fun. Thank you Margaret for being such a great partner/guide and ensuring I succeed!

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Saskia THT® Client

Never hard to get up in the morning to attend Michael’s classes. He’s energizing with his great music, his contagious laugh and his smile. The ambiance is great and the training and exercises are doing the job! In a few sessions, you will feel it! Michael is very competent, you work out hard but always feel that he’s in control and knows what he’s doing. By far the best training classes ever I’ve assisted to. A must++++++

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Caroline THT® Client

I’ve been working with Sam Maniatis and the amazing team at Total Home Training for about a year and a half now. The difference is in how I feel…my core strength, my balance and my ability to easily handle the day to day events we’ve all taken for granted over the early years of our youth. The passage of time changes our abilities…although we hate to admit it! Under the expert guidance and care of Sam and his experienced THT team, I am able to confidently handle the physical changes this new chapter of my life brings me. Do I recommend Sam and the Total Home Training Team no matter what

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Suzanne Desautels THT® | Client
Virtual training is a perfect alternative

The training is going well, it is a bit hard for me to move from in-person to virtual but when I tried it, I really liked it. We need to stay fit and healthy, this is a great option considering our current situation.

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Melissa Lewis THT® | Client

Enjoying virtual training
The training is great and I am enjoying it

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Diane THT® | Client

Virtual training is an amazing experience
The experience is amazing, enjoying it a lot. Virtual training is even better than I thought.

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Caroline Haney THT® | Client

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