Team Fitness Training

THT® Elite Team Conditioning and Fitness

Every Team has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare!

Team Fitness Training

“Athletes who engage in structural off-season conditioning programs noted significant improvements in agility, endurance and speed, while their counterparts who did not participate in structured training programs during the off-season did not improve significantly in agility measures”

Wroble RR, Moxley DP. The effect of winter sports participation on high school football players: Strength, power, agility, and body composition.

No matter what sport you play or coach, athletes that are faster, more agile, stronger and more powerful will always WIN. To keep winning you need to be mobile and flexible because no one can play while HURT!

Key Attributes of THT® Elite Athletes are:

  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Change of direction, Agility, Quickness & Speed
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Strength, Power
  • Endurance
  • Motivation & Determination

At THT® Elite Training, we work on building better athletes.

We start with athletic preparation before practices and matches, to improve performance. We teach the skills as a team and individually, depending on the need.

We train the required skills with proper execution. We apply these skills in game situations. Many of our certified THT® trainers working along with SAM and the athletes, have backgrounds in sports including AA and AAA experience.

by SAM MANIATIS BA in Recreation and Fitness, Certified by NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) 30 years of training experience with teams and personal training with individuals. He is also certified by the CPMDQ as a Naturopath, the YMCA Canada and YMCA FIT, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (CGFI) Titleist Performance Institute, Can-Fit-Pro PRO Trainer in Advanced Personal Training Specialist (ADV PTS) and Personal Training Specialist (PTS).