• Jim


Personal Trainer


  • Weight loss
  • Fitness Training
  • Working with Seniors and Beginners

Personal Training Certification: 

  • YMCA Canada
  • Heartsaver CPR AED (C)

RCR Certified

Sports have been a major part of my entire life.  The energy derived from the competiveness and doing the best I can whether in individual sport or as a team player is just second to none.  Hockey, golf, snowboarding & skiing are the most consisted sports throughout my life but I also enjoy all the other sports which I still continue to participate frequently.

A credit to my wife of 35 years we have discovered running 3 to 5 times a week.  No matter what the temperature is from -25 degrees to +35 degrees Celsius (rain, snow or sunshine) we’ll go out and brave it.   We have made a passion out of running outside by going to many different destinations all around the world and right at home in our neighbourhood & National parks.  When choosing a vacation we map out where we will be running – I call it destination running.  From the escarpments of the California coast & Hollywood Hills to the Caribbean islands along with many cities we’ve been to.    We have also completed multiple half marathons together around North America.  It’s definitely satisfying to cross that line & experience the beauty of the countryside at the end of a long run with your partner in life.

A new view on life and a change of careers!!

After accomplishing a successful career as a business professional in transportation Sales and Management, I have taken a different path in the health and fitness industry.

It was always in my DNA to help others and what better way to do this than assisting in one’s health and well being.  No matter what age we must all look at a better health and lifestyle.  By this we need to be active and health conscious.

Let’s help & guide YOU in accomplishing your goals whether it’s conditioning, toning, weight loss and/or just plain health and exercise.

 Let’s do it together!!!