• Mona


Personal Trainer


  • Yoga
  • Older Adult Training
  • Overall Fitness
  • Training Women
  • Weight Loss
  • Outdoor Activities Hiking & Swimming

Personal Training Certificates:

  • Canadian Fitness Professionals

Yoga Instructor Certificate:

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

Online Personal Training Certificate:

  • Certified Online Coaching Specialist

CPR Certified

I love working with a variety of people, from different age groups, or different challenges. I am currently studying to becoming a certified yoga therapist, over 1000 hours of theory and practical training, in order to work with people with various health issues including recovering from cancer, heart attack, strokes, ptsd, etc by integrating specific stretching and strengthening techniques.

After many years of training myself, I finally decided to further educate myself in the fitness industry and transition to be a full-time trainer. I work a lot with older adults and busy moms. I specialize in is nutrition and weight loss. I am passionate about sports (hockey, football, tennis, and baseball). I jog regularly, do a lot of mountain biking, and swimming. I completed my first Spartan race in 2015 and I will be completing 2 more next year. I look forward to helping all my THT® clients find their fitness groove, reach all their goals and/or JUST GET FIT!



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