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This is an article I read from one of the people that are truly good at what they do, they are genuine in helping people reach their health and fitness goals. It clearly outlines the problem with people that are interested in taking advantage of the current situation to make $. Our industry health and fitness is cluttered with pretenders and opportunists which affects the message from the true professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping people be healthy and fit. I am proud of the true professionals that have stepped up and provided amazing content to get us through this epidemic.

One of the biggest problems I see today is people trying to be opportunists.
It first became noticeable to me when I started getting involved in the online business side of things and saw countless people pretending to be experts in things they had little if any true experience in.
They saw an opportunity to make some quick money and went after it.

I see it everywhere…except with sustainably successful people.

See, I’m guessing that the businesses that you admire are built off of someone or some group of people being great at what they do…not just seeing an opportunity in the market to make a quick buck.

I know that I do.

I study people who’ve done things well and been around for long enough for me to know if they’re actually an expert or if they’re just riding a fad.
If someone is the best at what they do – that’s where I want to learn.

There is something to be learned from that…

If you become great at what you do and get at least moderately proficient at letting the world know who you’re for, what problems you solve better than other people and the results you get…
…people will actually seek you out.

But if you simply jump from thing to thing trying to be an instant expert instead of building a deserved identity for being really good at something…you’ll never be a trusted authority.
So how can you use this to be better?

Two ways really…

1. When you’re learning from someone…make sure they’ve enjoyed proven success doing what they teach. They’re not just recycling something someone else said or what they think is ‘hot.’
Studying proven success will not only be more likely to work for you – but we’re all a product of what we surround ourselves with, so if you want to build a business brand that stands out by being the best…then you need to surround yourself with others that do the same.

2. Spend more time trying to be great at and be known for one thing instead of chasing every shiny object. You can’t be legitimate and be an expert in one thing this week, another thing next week and another thing the week after that.

Own a segment of your market instead of trying to ‘chase a quick buck.

I understand the lure of being an Opportunist…but opportunists are often figured out by the market as being all sizzle and no steak.
That’s why they’re off to the next opportunity…because the last one didn’t work or they got ‘found out’ as being what they really are.
Don’t be that. It’s easy…but if something is easy – it’s probably not great.

Instead, strive to become an expert. (It’s not easy…but it’s worth it.)

Do what it takes to become one and get good at letting the market know what you do and who it’s for.

Pat Rigsby