• Tiffany


Personal Trainer


  • Overall General Men & Women Fitness, Weight loss
  • Couples Training
  • Pre & Post Natal Training for Women
  • Muscle Sculpting

Personal Training Certificate: Active IQ

Online Personal Training Certificate: Certified Online Coaching Specialist

CPR Certified

I’ve always been passionate about water sports. Being a competitive swimmer, I decided to turn my love and passion for swimming into teaching and coaching. From learning how to swim to stroke correction, water aerobics and has been doing the same for the past 12 years. My personal training style differs from client to client. It all depends on what the client needs and expects to gain from their training. I’m very versatile and I focus on each client individually and can work with every client on a one to one basis, I can also provide personal training in the form of group fitness classes. I’ve worked in Abu Dhabi & Dubai as a personal trainer and swim coach for the past 8 years, I’ve been able to transform clients with all different fitness abilities by enabling each and every client to reach their goals and to live a healthier lifestyle. My training abilities comprise of a friendlier and fun style. Many clients have learnt to love fitness due to my training expertise and that is why my clients succeed with the goals that we have set for themselves.



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