• Kosta


Personal Trainer


  • Youth Athlete Training
  • Overall Fitness
  • Weight loss

CPR Certified

I am currently a university student playing soccer at a semi-professional level. Fitness has always been an important aspect of my life and has helped me become an elite athlete in the sport I love. My goal as a trainer is to help young athletes develop greater skill assets in their given sports. This is achieved through athletic training sessions that are modified to improve speed, explosiveness, power and athleticism in general. I feel that I can help young athletes unlock their true athletic potential to ultimately make them a better athlete within their sport.

Although my fitness career started with youth athletic training, I am just as passionate to help others achieve their fitness goals. I consider myself to be a strong motivator and somebody who works hard to help my clients achieve the goals they desire. Besides athletic training, I help my clients with weight loss, bodybuilding and mobility work.