• Adonis C.
Adonis C.

Adonis C.

Personal Trainer


  • Running Coach
  • Overall Fitness

Personal Training Certificates: National Academy of Sports Medicine

CPR Certified

Fact! Running is our nature (not our second nature)! My running journey, (besides my nonstop running as a kid on the mythical mountains of Greece), began many years ago as a 400 meter hurdles runner, which later evolved into marathon running. Through the years, I have participated in numerous events, with the Boston Marathon and the Athens Authentic Marathon being the most remarkable experiences. As a certified marathon running coach, I have dedicated myself to helping people tap into their mental and physical capacities and use their strengths to set, reset, achieve and surpass their goals safely. I particularly love to introduce people into the running community and culture. For most of them it has been a life changing experience. What has marked me as a person, athlete and coach is the word theo (θεώ).

This word in modern Greek describes God, but in its ancient root, it means motion with God’s essence, or simply …running! Thus, when you are in motion, you balance your mind, body and soul. When these three elements come together you elevate yourself both physically and spiritually! To achieve that, some motivation, discipline and devotion are needed! Are you up for it? Get on your mark and as an African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!”


Adonis C.


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