• Adonis C.
Adonis C.

Adonis C.

Personal Trainer


  • Running Coach
  • Overall Fitness

Personal Training Certificates: National Academy of Sports Medicine

Emotions in Motion: Exercise as an anxiety intervention

CPR Certified

THT Elite coach Adonis is an experienced and dedicated trainer who believes in everyone’s potential in achieving a healthy and balanced life. His vast running background (sprint, trail and marathon) and course instruction (yoga, pilates, eccentrics, HIIT, etc) make for a trainer who has a well-rounded approach to individual and group needs. Adonis offers tailor-made training programs that focuses on building strength and achieving overall fitness and well-being.

His approach is inspired by the ancient Greeks’ belief: “A healthy mind, in a healthy body” (Νούς υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί)

Adonis C.