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Training with Purpose

Whether you are starting a training program or looking to change up your routine these are 3 things you should consider, PREVENTION, PREPARATION, PERFORMANCE.

The most common reason people stop exercising or hesitate to start is some sort of injury or pain. Prevention training should be considered in the training program. Too many injuries occur in the process of trying to get fit and healthy. When did risking injury become part of exercise! Most of the time injuries in training occur because we repeat the same exercises with bad form and technique. Weaker muscles are commonly neglected causing undo stress on dominant muscles. Prevention should consider common areas of injury such as knees, lower back and shoulders.

Learning proper technique of exercises and body alignment along with a good warm up should reduce a lot of theses common injuries.

Prevention checklist

  • learn how to perform exercises properly
  • proper body alignment and posture should be used during all exercises
  • warm up thoroughly,
  • flexibility and mobility should be done before and after training

Preparation is about purpose. Always have a plan to follow make sure all primary fitness components are included in your program, flexibility and mobility, strength training and cardiovascular training. Your plan should be written so that you do not forget anything. Here are a few things to consider in your preparation.

  • have a plan to follow
  • have a well defined goal for your training session
  • your training plan should be balanced including all areas of your body
  • all primary fitness components are addressed in your plan

Performance is about focus and purpose and having a great training experience, feeling and looking good. if you have done your prevention and preparation your mind and body are ready to perform optimally reduce the chance of injury and get closer to your health and fitness goals.

  • review and adjust your plan regularly
  • alignment and execution are more important than the weight you use
  • know your training parameters, sets, repetitions, rest

Exercise with purpose and get the results you want.
To your health and fitness
Sam Maniatis

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