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I think with the recent epidemic many of us have realized that we have to have more control of our health and fitness goals. Home training has been our business now for over 20 years. Personally, we build our home gym a few years back and we were grateful to have this option during these times. I also realized if this option is available your family is more likely to exercise regularly. Part of our message is to create these opportunities for families to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

I remember this powerful message from one of my clients, he and his wife was training with us, at the end of one of his sessions he asked me to start working with his 14-year-old daughter, other people in the gym could not understand why this 14-year-old girl was training with me since she was not overweight or seem to have any other issues. Her father’s message to me was” I want to build healthy habits for her”, well 10 years later at 25 years old married and starting a family of her own she has been training regularly for over 10 years these are the habits she will pass on to her family. This was very powerful for me because I was also used to training people because they needed to lose weight or build muscle and or have more cardiovascular endurance. Our message today is more holistic and encompassing start a fitness routine to build healthy lifestyle habits for yourself and your family.

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