The Training Rules Are Changing

Exercise has been around from the beginning of time. Popular quotes such as “healthy body and healthy mind” date back to the 1st century. Even with all our present-day advances, our bodies are lagging behind. We are not naive about the benefits of exercise, every study that comes out usually points to exercise as a good option to heal, prevent and rejuvenate the mind and body. The surgeon general stated, “physical activity is one of the most important controllable lifestyle changes to help prevent or reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases”.

Our fitness industry is also moving forward in leaps and bounds. I was at the World fitness convention this summer and even with my 30 years in the field of fitness,
I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge about health and fitness. It is becoming more evident how the medical fields, equipment companies, manual therapists, and
trainers are starting to blend together to provide better solutions for the health of the people. We have concepts such as fitness screens and assessments that can detect
faulty movement patterns or weaknesses to help us design better fitness programs. We have corrective training strategies to help people move and feel better. There are
preventative training strategies to help people deal with pain, there are postural training exercises to help with our sedentary lifestyles and the list goes on. Our job as trainers is to understand these disciplines and find the right fit for our clients. The training rules are changing, designing fitness programs is more complex than ever. Finding the right trainer is not easy but the value of a good trainer is paramount to your success.

I manage 3 gyms that have close to 11,000 members, and I remind people every that a gym membership allows you entrance into a facility it does not guarantee that
you are going to reach your fitness goals. I am amazed at the workout done by the general public, its archaic, training techniques are horrible, most exercises performed
are more harmful than beneficial the training intensity is nonexistent, posture and gate is shameful. On one hand, these people are making the effort to invest in a
membership and take time to go to the gym, but we know the statistics, most will stop going because #1 reason they get hurt or did not get the results they signed up for. Again a membership gives you entrance into a gym. My team’s mission is to help as many people as possible to reach their health and fitness goals, we will do it by teaching safe and beneficial exercise technique. We will evaluate each person so that we can design programs specific and individualized for each person.

The training rules are changing, trainers are stepping up to the plate, so are physiotherapists and manual therapists and medical communities, all coming together
to provide solutions for the health and fitness of the public. The question is, are you?

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